How to enhance HR with AI

Combining artificial intelligence with human resources: advantages and functionality

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Simplify applications and reinvent the work organization

There are certain tasks that, to be honest, are incredibly boring. Who likes spending hours and hours sorting out lists of applications in Excel? Certainly not to us. This is why the world of recruiting needs a transformation, and what better way than with the help of AI?

Why Use AI in HR

The field of human resources has seen exponential growth in the complexity and quantity of work. As companies expand and the job market evolves, maintaining efficiency in the HR department has become a real challenge. Here are some of the “AI tricks” that can help:

  1. Simplification of applications: Rather than manually combing through each CV, AI algorithms can be trained to look for specific skills or experience. This can be accomplished through platforms such as HireVue or Pymetrics. Once the criteria are set, they will select candidates who match the business needs. This not only speeds up the process, but also reduces the risk of unconscious bias in selection.
  2. Efficient work organization: Systems like Deputy or Ukg they use AI to automate employee time scheduling, taking into account their preferences, availability and business needs.
  3. Optimization of the application list: Instead of spending hours on Excel, tools like Bardeen they can help you. I am able to reorder data more conveniently and according to your needs. In the following paragraph we will delve into some of its features.

Bardeen: AI assistant also for recruiting

Yes, we talked about simplifying application lists and forgetting about Excel. Here's where it comes in Bardeen. This AI-powered plugin is every HR department's dream. How does it work?

  1. Creation of lists of possible candidates: Instead of manually entering data, Bardeen collects it (also from Linkedin), and creates an ordered list, ready to be examined;
  2. Creation of recruiting emails: You can write emails by connecting to OpenAI and the Linkedin profile of the candidate in question;
  3. Integration with other tools: Do you work with other tools like Airtable, Clickup, Notion? Bardeen integrates easily, making your workflow even smoother.
Some of Bardeen's features in the recruiting field

And think that these are just some of the things it can do! Once installed you will be able to try all its features.

Yes, but will AI replace me?”

The words “automation” and “artificial intelligence” can generate concern for many HR professionals. Nobody wants technology to replace their role. However, it is essential to look beyond these fears and see AI not as a threat, but as a powerful ally. AI is not intended to eliminate the human role in HR, but to enhance it. Let's think about it: how many hours do we spend analyzing CVs, organizing interviews or managing repetitive administrative tasks? What if AI could tackle these tasks, allowing HR professionals to focus on more strategic aspects such as training, talent management or company culture?

Instead of fearing AI, let's think of it as a tool that can free up time and resources. And, truth be told, who wouldn't want a little help with such a complex job?

Are you intrigued? Curious? Or just tired of spending hours on Excel? Don't worry, our team of arrogant T-Rexes is here to help you. Plan a meeting for a free consultation with us or send an email to find out how we can help you transform your HR department. And remember, we only bite the competition. 🦖🕶

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