Who we are

Behind the scenes of our reality

We Are Beyond

In “The Arrogant T-rex” we are entrepreneurs, developers, neuromarketers, UI/UX designers and video makers.
We are different, but we are the best in our field.

Our skills allow us to improve companies in every single part.

Digital Lovers

Our company is based on values such as innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

We are determined to offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our client companies, and to work closely with them to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.


We tailor every solution to our customers' needs and ensure that every solution we provide lives up to expectations.


We aim for constant training to improve and evolve. We find AI solutions that redefine what's possible in the industry.


Transparency is the basis of the relationships we establish with our customers. Here's the secret to a lasting relationship! (But don't ask us to marry you)


We encourage every member of our team and every client to exercise critical thinking, challenge conventional assumptions, and take bold stands.

Be arrogant. Be successful.

It all started with a brilliant developer, tired of seeing customers always run into the same problems, a bit like hamsters that keep turning on the wheel without ever going anywhere. 

This code lord, seeing the situation, decided to put an end to this madness and create a company that focused exclusively on solving companies' strategic and organizational problems

The name "The Arrogant T-Rex” was chosen to reflect our philosophy. Like the most powerful dinosaur to ever walk the earth, we don't care about others or try to please anyone. Our sole aim is to provide the best marketing services to our clients. 

Our team is made up of highly skilled and arrogant individuals, who are not afraid to question companies' strategies and propose innovative solutions to solve problems. 

We have one goal: grow our clients' business, even if it means compromising and arguing with them. 

We're not here to waste time on social media or make posts on Instagram. We're here to do the hard work and solve problems that others are unable to solve, exactly like your mother does. 

We are ruthless, arrogant and have a superior attitude towards others. We are The Arrogant T-Rex and we are here to dominate.

Do you want to go from the Jurassic to the modern world?

Pay us and leave it to us!