AI changing e-commerce

Nowadays everyone does online shopping. Have you noticed that AI intervenes to have a personalized experience?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has become the key tool for optimizing, personalizing and making the online shopping experience more intuitive. But how, exactly, is AI reshaping the landscape ofe-commerce?

What has changed in the world of shopping?

Since the arrival of COVID-19, many shops they were forced to sell online, opening e-commerce or perfecting existing ones. This not only established new habits in consumers, but it led to an attempt to provide a service personalized, which could satisfy the various types of users. Now whenever we want buy something, the first action we do is search online. This allows us to have one immediately overview of the prices and models of what we need, satisfying the desire of the consumer who "wants everything immediately".

According to a reports on consumers global by BigCommerce of 2022, users are encouraged to buy online thanks to several factors such as: discounts, promo codes, free shipping, try first pay later and other similar ones. What did he add? the AI to this?

1. Visual search

It seems absurd, but uploading the image of an item that you saw someone wearing on the subway, you can immediately find where buy it online. This is the based visual search on AI. Platforms like Pinterest And Google have already implemented this technology, offering their users the ability to search for products through images.

2. Virtual trial – “Try on”

Now it is possible to have no more regrets post-purchase because what you buy doesn't suit you as you thought. With virtual try-on technology, it is possible “try” products such as: glasses, makeup, shoes or clothes in augmented reality, directly from the comfort of your sofa.
It is not just something that is limited to clothes, but also reaches to mobile. For example, you can open the camera and view the table you want on your terrace in 3D.

3. AI-powered suggested purchases

If you've ever wondered like that site of e-commerce He knew exactly what you wanted? It's likely that there was a behind it artificial intelligence algorithm. These algorithms they analyze behavior of users' browsing, their searches and past purchases for to suggest relevant products.
In fact, it may happen that after looking for dog leashes, a site may suggest you purchase collars or kennels.

4. 24/7 customer support

One of the real ones revolutions in e-commerce consists in using chatbots And virtual assistants. These, in fact, always exist available. They answer customer questions at any time, track orders or resolve problems in real time, without waiting. This makes customers happier and with fewer worries about the chosen product.

5. Stock forecasting and inventory management

The AI can predict what products will be of trend, helping companies manage their stocks in an efficient way.
Thanks to its capabilities, if a certain type of sneaker is becoming popular, the AI can suggest increasing stocks before they run out.

In short, if yours agency he hasn't adopted yet instruments based on AI, it might be time to consider it. And if you need one advice about how integrate AI into your e-commerce, we of team Arrogant T-Rex we are here to help you.

Schedule one now free consultation or send an email to find out how to transform your e-commerce into a powerful digital predator.

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