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AI & Brand Strategy consultancy

We insert AI into your company, taking care of your brand and checking that it is in line with the change we are making.

If your brand doesn't need an overhaul, we'll start integrating AI into your business right away and teach you how to work with it.


Software & AI Integration

Do you want to create your own product? We start from your idea and make it a masterpiece. If you want to add AI the price increases, but who doesn't want the best?

If you already have your own product, you won't have to throw it away and start from scratch. AI can be integrated, adding advanced features.


AI training courses
one-to-one for Entrepreneurs

Become an AI manager, learn which work processes to speed up and how to do it.

The duration of the course will be established based on your starting level.
The tool used will be ChatGPt, it will allow you to save time and receive help on large amounts of work.


*the cost of the analysis includes a two-week study of your company with the delivery of pitch documentation relating to the project. Subsequently, you can decide to continue with us with the service you have chosen.

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Of course not! One of our core missions is to make AI accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of technical knowledge. We offer training and ongoing support to ensure you and your team are comfortable with new solutions.

For your business, Artificial Intelligence can mean greater operational efficiency, decisions based on accurate data, and innovations that can position you at the forefront of your industry. From the automation of repetitive tasks to predictive analytics, the applications of AI are vast and can be customized to your specific business needs.

When we implement AI solutions, we focus on collecting and analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This means that our customers' data will not end up on the servers of companies like OpenAI (ChatGpt's parent company) but will be processed within your company. At every stage of the process, from data collection to data management, we ensure maximum transparency and security.

T-Rex represents our certainty that we are the best in consultancy, automation and implementation of AI in software. In short, we are sure of taking our customers to the next level, a little arrogant we are, but only because we strive every day to be excellent in what we do. And you, wouldn't you like to entrust your business to the best?

Our consultancy begins with an in-depth analysis of your company and your specific needs. From there, we develop a customized strategy that can include the implementation of AI solutions, process automation and brand strategy. We also provide training and ongoing support to ensure AI integrates seamlessly into your daily operations.

Absolutely yes. One of the main strengths of AI software development is its high customization. We understand that every business is unique, so we offer tailor-made solutions that are perfectly suited to the services you offer or your management systems, ensuring you get maximum value from AI technologies.

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