How to do market research with ChatGpt

Try to create a market survey in a short time. Does it seem impossible to you? There is AI.

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Traditional market research can be time consuming and expensive. Today, however, we will try to use ChatGpt to obtain a new level of analysis and comparison. The Arrogant T-Rex explains how.

1. Comparison of competitors

ChatGpt can help you analyze your competitors effectively. While it can't browse online, it can help you analyze the information you give it about your competitors. Provide it data, descriptions or contents regarding yours competitor and will help you:

  • Summarize the main strategies adopted;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • Compare customer reviews and feedback.

In this case, I pretended to work for an organic energy drink company and I provided a ChatGptil there description of my company and all information useful. After creating a prompt initial, I continued with the analysis that I needed.

Example: “I collected this data on my competitor's products (enter the data and explain the type). Now help me understand what their strengths might be”

2. Creating tables

To help you have one vision clear and organised, ChatGpt can generate comparative tables. You can ask it to create tables that compare:

  • Products or services;
  • Prices;
  • Main features;
  • Reviews.

Example: “Gather the information I gave you into a table that compares the features (list the features you want) of products A, B and C.”

Obviously, i names of the companies are invented. There first company it's mine, which I gave him as an example. I asked him to put a comparison the main products of each company, the price, The cost, The target and the characteristics. Why is it important to do this? To have one complete view of competitors sthe market e reflect on what to improve.

3. Adding SWOT analysis

The SWOT Analysis is one instrument fundamental for any market survey. With ChatGpt, you can get one of these detailed analyzes in few minutes.

  • Forces (Strengths): “What are the main strengths of my product/service?”
  • Weaknesses: “Are there areas for improvement in my business model?”
  • Opportunities: “In what areas can I expand or innovate?”
  • Threats: “What are the emerging risks in my industry?”

Example: “Based on the description of my company, the target, my products, the communication channels, my sales and all the other data I have provided you. Create a SWOT analysis in a table.”

And here's the result. All of these tables can be pasted into reports or in presentations of the market survey we need to create.

4. Analysis of feedback and reviews

ChatGpt can analyze large volumes of feedback of customers to identify trends And patterns. This can help you understand:

  • What customers love about your products;
  • What are the main concerns or criticisms;
  • Suggestions for innovation or optimization.

Example: “Now I will provide you with the latest 100 reviews about our service (product or service name) and note the percentage of positive and negative feedback. Add suggestions on what to improve based on feedback”

Not only ChatGpt he made me a report of the main ones complaints of my users, but it also provided me with suggestions, as I requested. This answer, reduces by a lot analysis time of feedback. Thanks to AI we already know what to focus on and which ones problems solve for satisfy Our clients.

5. And in the end? We ask for a report

Once you have exhausted your requests for AI, after collecting and analyzing the data, you can ask a ChatGpt to create a synthesis or a detailed report. This provides you with a reference quick and a clear view of your positioning on the market.

Example: “Based on all the analysis performed and the data provided, create a detailed report that helps me create a presentation to present my market research.”

This AI, then, is not just an assistant for quick responses, but one instrument powerful to use. The example reported by us wants to highlight one of the values that we support The Arrogant T-Rex: the capabilities of artificial intelligence can complement human skills, not replace them. The scope, in these more complex tasks, is to make myself help in my work, don't stop doing it completely. The analysis and synthesis skills of ChatGpt can reduce the times and do reflect on aspects that may not have been considered.

Self the help in market surveys it's not enough and you want simplify Even the routine tasks, our article on “How to improve emails with ChatGpt” it's right for you. Let us know what you think.

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